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Dan Abadi & Paul Rodriguez – BACK 2 BACK!

B2B! A new back to back every now and again! Today’s B2B! from 2003, features a young Paul Rodriguez and Daniel Abadi warming up with noseslides down a steep narrow wooden hubba, back 2 back! Subscribe for more!

P-Rod Gets Robbed…

…of a nollie kickflip noseslide nollie kickflip out. About ten years ago Paul Rodriguez got robbed of a trick way ahead of it’s time. Check out the amazing flick in the nollie flip out… classic P-rod!

Paul Rodriguez – Ledge Spot Destruction!

The Midas 3 stair ledge (RIP) was the best night spot ever. This is a montage of every trick I filmed P-Rod do there from 1999-2000, before railings were put up, blocking each side, and eventually it was completely demolished. Rest in piece Midas 3-stair ledge! music by: DJ Dick Jones!

Paul Rodriguez Doubles-up Midas back in 2000!

The Midas 3 stair ledge (RIP) was one of the greatest night spots ever. Back in 2000, P-Rod shut down the spot with a nollie-flip nose-slide, and then decided to do it twice …in a row.

Paul Rodriguez Destroys Skate Street back in 2000!

One day back in 2000 at the old Skate Street skatepark’s new setup in Ventura (RIP), P-Rod wreaked havoc on the ledge across and down the pyramid.

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