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Mike Taylor – LONG LOST CLIPS! #179

Watch more long lost clips here – Like, favorite, and Subscribe! Long Lost Clips! Ep#179 – Today’s Long Lost Clip comes from 2001 and features a young Mikey Taylor skating the Redondo 11 stair rail. After testing out a few different tricks, MT busts a flawless, second try 5-0, before calling it quits. Guest appearance by: Jesse Jenkins Check out – Follow me on instagram! – @dickjonesproductions And follow me on Twitter! (or don’t. Twitter is Stupid!) –!/_DickJones Dick Jones Productions brings you skate hammers, falls, never …(more info)

Behind The Fall! – Wrecked Wrist

Watch more Behind The Falls here – And watch more Falls here – Like, Favorite, and Subscribe for more! Behind the Fall! Showing the full story behind some of the harshest skate falls. Todays Behind the Fall features the lead up to Dan Abadi’s “wrecked wrist” (Friday Fall #20). After successfully switch crooked grinding the barrier, Dan only got two tries on the front krook before disaster struck on the third,.. Guest appearances by: Mike Barker, Kevin “Spanky” Long, Thor, Van Wastell, Kyle Clayton, and Mike Taylor. Check …(more info)

Hammer Time! – Mike Taylor – Huge Hubba

Like, Favorite, and Subscribe for more! Today’s hammer features Zack doing a quick street line and ollieing a HUGE downhill fire hydrant gap. Gnarly. Watch more Hammers here – Also check out! And follow me on Twitter, or don’t Twitter is stupid! –!/_DickJones Dick Jones Productions brings you skate hammers, falls, never before seen clips of your favorite pros and ams, and much more! With new content weekly, there’s really no reason not to subscribe!

The Best of Long Lost Clips! (50-100)

Like, favorite, and subscribe for more! A montage of the best skating from Long Lost Clips (50-100)! Featuring: (in order of appearance) Zach Wagner, Mike Taylor, Kevin “Spanky” Long, Jesse Jenkins, Daniel Abadi, Jake Ruiz, Dan Roberts, Mike Barker, Peter Ramondetta, Bobby Worrest, Torey Pudwill, Zack Blatt, Aaron Kyro, Don “The Nuge” Nguyen, and Chad Fernandez. Also be sure and check out, Paul Rodriguez -The Best of LLC (50-100), coming soon! Music by: DJ Dick Jones Additional filming by Kenji Taira! Check out his channel “aLuthier” For more amazing skate …(more info)

BEST of Friday FALLS! (151-200)

Want your footage featured? Submit your footage here! – Like, Favorite, and Subscribe for more! FRIDAY FALLS! In celebration of 200 Friday Falls, here is a montage featuring the Best of Friday Falls! 151-200! Music By: DJ Dick Jones! Additional Lands submitted/filmed by:Ghetto Gowns – Check out the all NEW Also follow me on Twitter! –!/_DickJones

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