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Fun Skating! – New Skate Trick! – Hippie-Hop-Shuv-it

Like, Favorite, and Subscribe for more! Today’s fun skating features yours truly from 2003 busting a fun new skate trick, the “Hippie Hop Shuv it!” Skating is fun when you have fun skating! Also check out! And follow me on Twitter, or don’t. Twitter is Stupid! –!/_DickJones

New Skate Trick! – “Noseblunt to lipslide to powerslide!”

Like, favorite, and Subscribe for more! Also check out the all NEW!And follow me on Twitter –!/_DickJones Celebrating 500 videos uploaded and counting… Zack busts a sick noseblunt, but not before steezily landing an accidental noseblunt to lipslide to powerslide!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!! To celebrate the first day of the year, Jesse bust a first try feeble in a clown wig, with a bonus one-stair front board for good measure. 2013’s looking bright! Like, Favorite, and Subscribe for more! Check out the all NEW Also follow me on Twitter! –!/DickJonesProd

Moose Minute – Episode #12

MOOSE MINUTE! Episode #12, featuring some more old Moose footy from around 2007-2008! Moose slaughtering spots! …for Captain Crunch! Like, Favorite and Subscribe for more! Music by: DJ Dick Jones Additional filming by Kenji Taira! Check out his channel “aLuthier” For more amazing skate videos! –

New Skate Trick! – “Nollie Front-foot Pressure Kickflip”

One night back in 2001, while messing around in a tennis court, Jesse Jenkins invented the “Nollie Front-foot Pressure Kickflip.” Like, Favorite and Subscribe for more!

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