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TUESDAY TUMBLE #1 – “Serious Slip-up!”

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New Skate Trick! – (regular motion)

I posted this controversial clip in slow-motion almost 4 years ago and it got quite a response. Some hated it, some loved it, and some wanted to see it in regular speed. So here it is again, The “Jagravan Noseslide Sananikone out” …in regular motion.

New Skate Trick!

The Jaqgravan Noseslide Sananikone Out! NOTE TO ALL HATERS – 1. That is not me doing the trick in the video, I just filmed it. 2. if it’s so gay and easy, by all means post a clip of yourself doing it, or shut the f*ck up. 3. If you want to call this trick a combo then go ahead, I really don’t care, but you should probably just go back to playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater, you f*cking poser. 4. This video is not meant to impress or amaze …(more info)