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Jesse Jenkins – LONG LOST CLIPS! #188 – Part 1

Watch The A-Team video here – Watch more long lost clips here – Like, favorite, and Subscribe! Long Lost Clips! Ep#188 – Today’s Long Lost Clip, Part 1 of 2, features Jesse Jenkins improv skating Emerson High school rails. Guest Skater: Mark Gutterman Check out – Follow me on instagram! – @dickjonesproductions And follow me on Twitter! (or don’t. Twitter is Stupid!) –!/_DickJones Dick Jones Productions brings you skate hammers, falls, never before seen clips of your favorite pros and ams, and much more! With new …(more info)

The Best of Long Lost Clips! (101-150)

Like, favorite, and subscribe for more! A montage of the best skating from Long Lost Clips (101-150)! Featuring: (in order of appearance) Zach Wagner, Zack Blatt, Chris Sniady, Kenji Taira, Ryan Donovan, Mike Barker, Mark Gonzales, Darrell Stanton, Jesse Jenkens, Jake Ruiz, Mark Gutterman, Kevin “Spanky” Long, Daniel Abadi, Paul Rodriguez, Torey Pudwill, and Curren Caples Also be sure and check out, Paul Rodriguez -The Best of LLC (101-150), coming soon! Music by: DJ Dick Jones Additional footage submitted by Kenji Taira and Ghettogowns! Subscribe to their channel’s for more …(more info)

Behind The Fall! – Worst Sack on a Rail Ever!

Like, Favorite, and Subscribe for more! Behind the Fall! Showing the full story behind some of the harshest skate falls. Today’s premiere Behind the Fall, features the lead-up and agonizing aftermath of the worst sack on a rail ever (also Friday Fall #3). Skaer: Mark Gutterman, Guest keyboardists: Kevin “Spanky Long and Kenji Taira Check out! And follow me on Twitter, or don’t Twitter is stupid! –!/_DickJones

Spanky & Mark Gutterman – LONG LOST CLIPS! #141

Like, favorite, and Subscribe for more! Long Lost Clips! Ep#141 – Today’s Long Lost Clip comes from 2000 and features a young Kevin “Spanky” Long and Mark Gutterman skating a rail back to back. Also check out! And follow me on Twitter –!/_DickJones

P-Rod, Mike Taylor, And More! – The 2001 Wham Wax Promo!

Watch the Full video for FREE Here – And while you’re there check out the rest of www.dickjonesproductions.comAlso follow me on Twitter! –!/DickJonesProd Back in 2001, Wham Wax made a promo teaser called “Wide Awake” as a follow-up to their 1999 video, “Awakening.” The Promo featured mini-parts from Paul Rodriguez, Mike Taylor, Jesse Jenkins, Mike Barker, Kyle Clayton, and many more. It was never released… Until now! Like, Favorite, and SUBSCRIBE! for more!

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