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Watch The A-Team video here – Watch more Filmer Falls here – Like, favorite, and Subscribe! Today’s Filmer Fall features the classic, ever dreaded pebble… And some greet skating from Jesse Jenkins back in 2002. Guest Appearances by: Dan Abadi and Scuba Steve Check out – Follow me on instagram! – @dickjonesproductions And follow me on Twitter! (or don’t. Twitter is Stupid!) –!/_DickJones Dick Jones Productions brings you skate hammers, falls, never before seen clips of your favorite pros and ams, and much more! With new …(more info)

Filmer gets run over by a car!

Filmer gets run over by a car! HAFD! Like, Favorite, and Subscribe for more! Be sure and check out! And follow me on Twitter –!/_DickJones

FILMER FALL! – Bonus – #6

Today’s BONUS Filmer Fall features an old classic, the ever dreaded pebble.

FILMER FALL! – Bonus – #5

Friday Fall! A new Fall every Friday! Today’s BACK IN THE DAY BONUS Filmer Fall features a young Yole taking quite a tumble while attempting to film a young Mike Barker do a line back in 1998.

Friday Fall! – BONUS – “Camera Bash #3!”

Friday Fall! A new Fall every Firday! Today’s BONUS! Camera bash features a GL2 taking another board to the face.

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