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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!! To celebrate the first day of the year, Jesse bust a first try feeble in a clown wig, with a bonus one-stair front board for good measure. 2013’s looking bright! Like, Favorite, and Subscribe for more! Check out the all NEW Also follow me on Twitter! –!/DickJonesProd

New Skate Trick! – “Feeble Grind Board Transfer”

One night back in 2001, while skating a flatbar in a tennis court, Jesse Jenkins invented the Feeble grind board transfer. Like, Favorite and Subscribe for more!

Spanky – LONG LOST CLIPS! #11

Long Lost Clips! Ep#11 – An ongoing series featuring long lost clips of pros and ams from back in the day. Today’s Long Lost Clip from 2000 features a young Kevin “Spanky” Long busting out on some rails way back when he briefly rode for World Industries. Like, Favorite, and Subscribe for more!

Mike Barker & Jesse Jenkins – BACK 2 BACK!

B2B! A new back to back every now and again! Today’s B2B! from 2002, features a young Mike Barker and Jesse Jenkins warming up with first try frontside 180s over the Fern 8 stair rail 3 Times in a row, and BACK 2 BACK! Subscribe for more!

Moose Minute – Episode #9

MOOSE MINUTE! Episode #9, featuring some more old Moose footy from around 2007-2008! Moose slaying spots! Additional filming and Music by: DJ Dick Jones! Filmed by Kenji Taira! Check out his channel “aLuthier” For more amazing skate videos! –

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