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The Best of Long Lost Clips! (1-50)

Like, favorite, and Subscribe for more! Also check out the all NEW!And follow me on Twitter! –!/DickJonesProd A montage of the best skating from Long Lost Clips (1-50). Featuring: Eric Koston, Paul Rodriguez, Mike Taylor, Justin Case, Kevin “Spanky” Long, Garrett Hill, Mark Gutterman, Jesse Jenkins, Cooper Wilt, Zach Wagner, Aaron Kyro, Evan Hernandez, and Mike Barker. Check out the individual Long Lost Clips for more falls, extras, antics, and skate clips that didn’t make the cut! Also stay tuned for The Best of P-Rod’s Long Lost Clips …(more info)

Eric Koston! – LONG LOST CLIPS! #50

Like, favorite, and Subscribe for more! And follow me on Twitter! –!/DickJonesProd Also check out the all NEW! Long Lost Clips! Ep#50 – An ongoing series featuring long lost clips of pros and ams from back in the day. Today’s Long Lost Clip from 2000 features a younger Eric Koston doing what he does best… messing around on a skateboard and making it look amazing.