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Zack Destroys…

…a crudely setup rail through a gap right in front of the Bay Bridge in beautiful San Francisco! …In Slow-mo! Watch Falls, extras, and outtakes from the two-day session here – Music by: DJ Dick Jones


Nose-Bonk Bonkers! Aleks Ordonez can nose-bonk anything. … ANYTHING!!! Filmed by Kenji Taira! Check out his channel “aLuthier” For more amazing skate videos! –

Moose Warm-up Tricks in HD!!! – PART#3

The amazing Moose warming up, yet again! Filmed with the HVX200! Look out for Moose, he’s here! This footage consists of footage from some of my earlier montages, some of which weren’t uploaded in HD, as well as some new footage. So here it is together in all it’s 720P HD glory! music by: DJ Dick Jones!

Paul Rodriguez Destroys Skate Street back in 2000!

One day back in 2000 at the old Skate Street skatepark’s new setup in Ventura (RIP), P-Rod wreaked havoc on the ledge across and down the pyramid.

Moose Warm-up Tricks in HD!!! – PART#1

I uploaded this video two to three years ago, before I new you could upload files in HD. So here is the REAL HD version. Enjoy. The amazing Moose warming up filmed with the HVX200! Look out for Moose, he’s a beast!

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