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Mark Gutterman – LONG LOST CLIPS! #29

Long Lost Clips! Ep#29 – A ongoing series featuring long lost clips of pros and ams from back in the day. Today’s Long Lost Clip from 2000 features a young Mark Gutterman skating the biggest rail any one from our crew had attempted at that time. After one attempt resulted in a wind knocking-out ass slam to the ground, Mark got back up and pulled a perfect front board down 14. Like, Favorite, and Subscribe for more!

Moose Minute – Episode #11

MOOSE MINUTE! Episode #11, featuring some more old Moose footy from around 2007-2008! Moose annihilating spots! Like, Favorite and Subscribe for more! Music by: DJ Dick Jones Additional filming by Kenji Taira! Check out his channel “aLuthier” For more amazing skate videos! –